Ketaki Poonawala Architects & Interior Designers is a young practice started in 2003 by Architect Ketaki Poonawala, as an outcome of her love and passion for design and creation.
Based in Pune-INDIA, Ketaki Poonawala Architects & Interior Designers within a span of 8 years has grown in strength with a strong exposure in designing Residential, Commercial, Corporate and Institutional spaces.

Whilst working for a number of distinguished architectural and interior projects we have developed a rigorous, committed and methodical approach which involves integration of design with other disciplines to create innovative, aesthetic and cost effective solutions.

Central to Our Philosophy is the commitment to address each project on its own merits. This way each solution is a bespoke and unique product that is tailored to meet your given criteria.

Our Approach is based on the ability to analyse the project on both a holistic and detailed level to produce designs that sit comfortably within their culture, social, economic and urban context.


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